Managed Printing Services

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Managed Printing Services

Control Cost

Our experience has shown that many organizations have no idea how much money they're spending on their printer fleet. Cap Ventures says that on average anywhere from 3–12% of a company's total revenue is spent on the printing of documents. So whether you're a small business of five employees or an enterprise of three hundred, there's a large opportunity to significantly cut costs.

Prime Infotech has helped numerous organizations large and small to optimize the types and locations of their printers, cut down on the number of different types of toners they need to manage and improve their overall printing processes, resulting in up to a 30% reduction in costs.

Device Management

Most organizations handle printer issues reactively causing headaches, lost productivity and missed deadlines. IT departments' involvement in handling printer fleets is increasing, resulting in major technology initiatives being put on hold because a down printer is unacceptable.

With Prime InfotechMPS Program, we take the burden off your shoulders so you can get back to work. We use a specialized software suite to monitor your entire printer fleet, keeping track of toner levels, service alerts, maintenance issues and usage. With this information, we can proactively make changes, deliver toner or send a technician—all before you even know there's an issue.

Toner Inventory Management

Have you ever stocked up on printer toner only to realize that it doesn't fit the newest model you just purchased for Human Resources? Do you need a giant spreadsheet to keep track of all your toner product codes? Has your toner inventory taken over part of your office?
You're not alone.
Many organizations are literally drowning in their toner supply and managing it has become a full-time job. Prime Infotech knows what you're going through and wants to take care of it so you can get back to work. Our MPS Program frees you from having to store, manage and order toner.

We proactively monitor your toner usage and send it over when you need it